Single Parents

Single Parents

Rain, sleet, or shine...

Being a single parent is not an easy role. Rain, sleet, or shine - your little ones are depending on you and you make it happen!

Christmas after Christmas - you perform a miracle! You're their favorite hero!

This year, we would be honored if we were apart of that miracle.

Dozens of single parents have given us the opportunity to help them make Christmas special for their little ones.

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Our 4th Annual 12 Days of Christmas... almost here!

A Heart Felt Message From Us...

We keep things fun and love to make it light, but...

We know how big a deal your gift is.

Your small change, makes BIG changes!

Every penny counts!

Because of you,

Single parents can make Christmas magical for their kids.

For four years, WeDoGood has spread festive cheer, offering hope to single parents. Our 12 Days of Christmas has gifted $13K+ in Amazon Gift Cards, making festive dreams real.

This year, we aim higher and need your spirit.

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For Sponsors: ๐Ÿ›ท Your support lights up holidays. Whether a loyal friend or new, you're our Christmas star.

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