The scholarship program offered by for the children of Veterans and First Responders is a commendable initiative. Providing financial assistance for college or trade schools plays a crucial role in supporting the educational and vocational aspirations of these children. It's a meaningful way to honor the service of their parents and assist the families in a significant manner.

The focus on need and other qualifications as criteria for receipt, while keeping the main requirement linked to the parent's service, ensures that the support reaches those who can benefit the most from it. This approach aligns perfectly with WeDoGood's mission of assisting families of those who have served and sacrificed.

Continuing to raise awareness about these scholarships, perhaps through your events and partnerships, could help in reaching more eligible families. Additionally, considering partnerships with educational institutions or trade schools might provide further opportunities or enhanced support for these students. This could potentially increase the impact of the scholarships and further support the children in their educational journeys.

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